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Have an idea for a food delivery business? At App Clone, we provide white-label food delivery app development services to help your business expand faster. With our well-designed on-demand food ordering and delivery app development services, you can grow your food delivery business and help it reach new levels of success.

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Leading Online Food Delivery App Development Company

Leading Online Food Delivery App Development Company

Today, online food ordering is a multimillion-dollar industry. Due to the large urban population and their busy lives, the market for food delivered online has grown. Food businesses need to take advantage of the latest technological advances to increase customer numbers and profitability. In general, it is advisable to increase your online presence to grow your business.

App Clone has a lot of expertise in developing mobile applications for food delivery, as it has already included innovative features for a number of satisfied clients in the food industry. With App Clone, a robust, dynamic, and customizable online food delivery application for aggregators, restaurant chain owners, and food startups, you can speed up the speed of execution.

We offer white-label and fully customizable online food delivery software that enables entrepreneurs to quickly create an online delivery app and website. We offer online food ordering scripts that include restaurant, delivery person, and customer apps. Our online food delivery service provides complete customization through admin panels and features for both iOS and Android apps. If you want an application like a food clone for your business, you are at the perfect location. We provide an online ordering and white-label food delivery app for your startup. The best part is that you won't have to waste time or money developing a food delivery app from scratch because our solution is 100% white-label.

Key Features of Online Food Ordering and Delivery Business

App Clone's white label food ordering system includes features such as Manage Cart, Social Signups, Multiple Languages, and more for your platform or app. These features are designed to help you take your food business to the next level of success.

Contactless Multiple Payments food-img

Contactless Multiple Payments

Our customized food delivery apps with multiple payment options enable customers to make payments faster and more securely.

Social Signups food-img

Social Signups

With just one click, customers can register using social signups like Google ID or Facebook ID.

Product Customization food-img

Product Customization

Customers can order dishes with different topping options in one or more sections, depending on the quality.

Key Features Of Online Food Ordering And Delivery Business
Instant Search food-img

Instant Search

Our White-label food delivery app allows customers to easily search for specific destinations, addresses, or points of interest.

Multiple Languages food-img

Multiple Languages

Ability to select custom languages ​​and currencies via the admin panel.

Manage Cart food-img

Manage Cart

Customers can add groceries to the shopping cart, then change the food quantity and also remove the groceries from the shopping cart.

Express Workflow of White Label Food Ordering System

Our white-label online food ordering system works in a symmetrical workflow that benefits everyone. The following Have a look at our food delivery app workflow:

Express Workflow Of White Label Food Ordering System food-img

Customer Features of Our Food Delivery App

Customer Features Of Our Food Delivery App food-img
Customer Registration food-img

Customer Registration

Allow customers to create an account and login to the app. Also, he can manage information, contact details, and payment preferences.

Menu Browsing food-img

Menu Browsing

Enable customers to browse your restaurant's menu easily by filtering by cuisine, price, and more.

Customer Takeaway food-img

Customer Takeaway

The customer can place an order online and pick it up by themselves whenever they want.

Track Order food-img

Track Order

Allows customers to track live tracking of the assigned driver's location with the ability to view the driver's estimated time of arrival (ETA) for the ride.

Manage Address food-img

Manage Address

Customers can order food online, at home, at work, or other addresses on the list and select the desired location.

Push Notifications food-img

Push Notifications

Customers can view real-time updates on ride status, driver details, and important notifications.

Driver Features of Our Food Delivery App

Manage Request food-img

Manage Request

The driver has the ability to manage new delivery requests and accept or reject them.

Profile Management food-img

Profile Management

Delivery person update their profiles with the latest photos, IDs, email addresses, and numbers.

Live Location Tracking food-img

Live Location Tracking

Real-time tracking provides the current location of the restaurant and customer, ensuring faster and smoother delivery.

Manage Document food-img

Manage Document

The driver can upload and manage the documents which are required to getting a new order request.

Job History food-img

Job History

With job history features driver can review previous orders and commissions from the driver or suppliers.

Driver Availability food-img

Driver Availability

The driver can set their profile on or off; You will receive a new order request when profiling is enabled.

Driver Features Of Our Food Delivery App food-img

Store Features of Our Food Delivery App

Store Features Of Our Food Delivery App food-img
Social Logins food-img

Social Logins

Store owners can register profiles with one click via social media accounts or numbers.

Menu Management food-img

Menu Management

Store owners can create or customize menus based on customer preferences or food availability.

Manage Profile food-img

Manage Profile

The store owner can manage their profile information, such as name, email address, contact information, and profile picture.

Customer Details food-img

Customer Details

Store owners can access useful information in their online customer database.

View feedback food-img

View feedback

The store owner can view, access, and monitor customer feedback using the information provided to them.

Order Management food-img

Order Management

Store owners can view and manage incoming orders, accept or reject orders and monitor delivery status.

Food Delivery Admin Panel Features

Smart Dashboard food-img

Smart Dashboard

Get a complete overview of your food delivery app's performance with real-time data and analytics.

Manage Delivery Persons food-img

Manage Delivery Persons

The admin panel can assign trips to suppliers based on their availability and manage all trip data.

Manage Store food-img

Manage Store

Admin can view and edit business details such as profile details, dates, products, prices, offer details, and delivery radius.

Analyzing & Reporting food-img

Analyzing & Reporting

Get insights into your company's performance directly from your admin panel.

Order Management food-img

Order Management

The admin can view, manage, and track orders in real-time with features like order history and delivery status updates.

Manage Customers food-img

Manage Customers

Admin can manage food order requests, customer profiles, and requests via your customers' food app.

admin panel image

Snaps of Our Food Delivery App

The white-label food ordering system developed by us provides our valued customers with a variety of templates to choose from. Check out some of them below

User Ui Image
Ui Driver image
Ui Store image

Food Delivery App Development Models We Serve

App Clone offers customizable food delivery mobile app development services. Using various models, we build food ordering and delivery apps for startups, restaurant aggregators, cloud kitchens, etc.

Food/Meal Delivery Startups food-img

Food Delivery Startups

Provide your customers with a hassle-free food ordering app to get a higher return on investment.

Individual Restaurants food-img

Individual Restaurants

We offer a convenient and easy-to-use food delivery app to help you grow your customer base and increase your sales.

Restaurant Chains food-img

Restaurant Chains

We provide a dedicated on-demand food delivery app-building service for startups and aggregators.

Cloud Kitchen food-img

Cloud Kitchen

For cloud kitchens, we offer a scalable solution that meets growing requirements and ensures efficient operations.

Successful Food Delivery App Revenue Models

Our white-label food ordering system includes effective revenue models that help you generate revenue from multiple sources. We provide ready-to-use delivery app solutions for various industries to suit your business needs. Get to know them all:

Delivery Commission

delivery charges food-img

Place order through our
website or Mobile app

Store Commission

store commission food-img

Your can track your order
status with delivery time

Store Promotion

sponsorship store promotion food-img

Receive your order at a
lighting fast speed!

Why Choose Our Food Delivery App

On-Time Delivery food-img

On-Time Delivery

Time is important when starting a business. We provide a clear timetable for the delivery of your request.

Dedicated Team food-img

Dedicated Team

To ensure you get what you are looking for, we assign a dedicated team of developers to work on your project.

Technical Support food-img

Technical Support

Once the project is completed, we will provide free technical support for your food delivery app project for 3–6 months.

Scalable Solution food-img

Scalable Solution

Our architecture is designed for scalability, giving you plenty of room to grow as your business expands with increasing user demands.

Fully Customizable food-img

Fully Customizable

Our solutions are fully customizable, allowing you to tailor the application to your unique branding and requirements to ensure your vision is reflected.

Third-party integrations food-img

Third-party integrations

We seamlessly integrate your application with external services and APIs, optimize its functionality, and expand its scope, focusing on expanding its capabilities.

Technologies We Used!

We build each app with adaptable features using cutting-edge technology to maintain its quality and performance.

food technology image

Build Quality Food Delivery App Solution Like Uber Eats, Swiggy & Zomato

Want to create your own food delivery clone app? Since we are a leading food delivery company, we can help you create an end-to-end food ordering and delivery app. We rank among the top developers of white-labeled food delivery apps in India. We employ dedicated food delivery app developers and provide the best solutions.

Our experts will help you build a powerful food-ordering app like Uber Eats that will help you stay strong in the business market. Design and build food delivery services like Zomato, Swiggy, or UberEats with advanced features and the latest new technologies. Let App Clone be your reliable partner in food app development. Become a member with us today and unlock your true potential!​

With our on-demand food ordering and delivery solutions, you can create unique brand awareness for your food business. Delight and attract foodies with innovative features and services. Connect with a leading food app development company in India and create a remarkable online presence. At App Clone, you can work with the right people to help you achieve your goals.

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The most frequently asked questions about our food delivery app are answered here.

Find the answers you need

A white-label food delivery app is a ready-made solution that businesses can customize and rebrand to start an on-demand food delivery service without having to invest in developing the app from scratch.

Yes, the platform supports multiple languages. The admin can allow stores and customers to communicate in the language most convenient for them.

The on-demand food delivery apps include UberEats, Doordash, Zomato, and GrubHub, where users can order food online. These applications are developed using new technologies, and the customer pays a certain amount and carries out the transformation activities of the existing business.

Making money from online grocery delivery is not an easy task. This can be achieved in several ways by investing in using the right technology to take orders, ensuring clear communication channels, by creating a great customer experience with a curated and interesting menu that leads to strong and actionable calls to action. Choosing to provide exceptional customer service can increase the value of your food delivery solutions. Constantly offering promotions and coupons can help online food sellers make more money.

In general, the costs of developing a food app depend on many factors. The estimate takes into account the base price of the mobile app development cost, the number and complexity of features offered by the restaurant app, and the time it takes to get to market. This also takes into account the right platform and the logistical support required for the successful launch of a food app.

Yes, of course. With on-demand food delivery apps, restaurateurs can increase their visibility, sales, and therefore their income.

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