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Advanced White-Label Delivery App

Simplify and optimize your delivery operations like never with white-label delivery app solutions.

Launch your advanced and customized all-in-one on-demand app for your business with our on-demand delivery app clone services. Connect your business to food, grocery, medicine, or any business under one roof with your own on-demand multi-delivery app clone.

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Top-Notch On-Demand White Label Delivery App Solution

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A white-label delivery app represents a pre-built on-demand delivery app solution designed to enable customers to seamlessly order various services directly from their mobile devices, with the convenience of having them delivered right to their doorstep. The white-label delivery app is flexible and customized to be used in business preferences, such as restaurant food delivery and grocery delivery (everything from a mobile app to a digital wallet), a medicine delivery app, a flower delivery app, etc. By adding an intellectually stimulating aspect to the business model, it enhances the overall user experience. Additionally, its functionality extends beyond smartphone applications.

We at App Clone offer the best on-demand white-label delivery app for your startup. We offer customer apps, driver apps, store apps, admin panels, and store panels according to your individual needs. Our on-demand clone script is ready to use. We offer a complete white-label solution for your startup.

We at App Clone understand all your business needs and therefore always focus on developing business- and customer-centric solutions. Your users have the fantastic opportunity to consume all of your services through one on-demand app. The benefits of App Clone's on-demand app development services are user-friendly, technically sound, feature-rich, and visually stunning applications and built-in features that ensure your business makes a successful revolution in the industry.

On-Demand Multi Delivery App Services

On-demand multi-delivery app services for food, medicine, grocery, flower, stationery, liquor, courier, and water bottle delivery businesses.

food delivery
Food Delivery
Medicine Delivery
Medicine Delivery
Grocery Delivery
Grocery Delivery
Flower Delivery
Flower Delivery
Stationery Delivery
Stationery Delivery
Liquor Delivery
Liquor Delivery
Marijuana Delivery
Cannabis Delivery
Bottle Water Delivery
Bottle Water Delivery

Customer Features Of Our On-Demand App Clone

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Easier Login

Customers can register by giving their phone number, email address, or social media login credentials.


Order History

All completed, canceled, running, and pending order details are viewable by the customer in a category-wise manner.

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Quick View/Search

From a large selection of options, customers may easily view or search for the necessary services or products.


Real-time Tracking

Track your order status in real-time with a GPS-based real-time tracking feature on your phone.


Review and Feedback

Through feedback, customers can rate and review the products or their experience with the delivery service.

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Push Notification

Use push notifications and in-app alerts to be informed about new releases, deals, and other information.

Driver Features Of Our On-Demand App Clone

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Manage Document

Drivers can upload their documents through the app to get approval from the admin to start delivery.

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Map Navigation

To ensure fast and smooth delivery, the driver can use the GPS-based navigation feature and find the route easily.


Manage Orders

Delivery requests might be accepted or declined by drivers. View the contents, delivery location, and special instructions for each allocated order.


Accept/Reject Request

The driver has full authority to accept or reject the order, depending on his availability and willingness to work.


Update Status

The driver must update the delivery status every time they move to the next phase of the delivery cycle.


Earning History

Using earning history features the drivers can easily view sales reports by days, weeks, months, or years using the provided app.


Store Features Of Our On-Demand App Clone

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Order Management

A store owner can manage orders, deliveries, invoices, exchange requests, and more in the store dashboard.

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Manage Store Details

The store owner manages the details of his store, such as taxes, minimum order value, additional shipping charges, etc.


Set Discount

The store owner can add or delete the discount details, like name, order amount, expiration date and time, etc.


Accept/Reject Requests

The store owner may accept or reject orders for products or services based on their availability.


Order History

The store owner can view order history with details of completed, canceled, pending, and fulfilled orders.

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Manage Payments

The store owner can manage payments they receive for delivering products or services directly in the app.

Admin Panel Of Our On-Demand App Clone


Set Delivery Radius

Depending on the target area, the delivery area can be set (expanded or reduced) at any time with just a few clicks.


Manage Services and Products

The admin can change or update products and services, prices, add new items, or remove items/services.


Order Tracking

Ensure a systematic work process is followed. Admins can monitor each order or service delivery through the admin panel.

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Order Details

The admin can view the complete order details in the Order History section, where canceled orders are also displayed.


View Review & Rating

The admin collects all valuable customer reviews here and acts accordingly to improve the quality of customer service.

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Manage Document

The admin can control the necessary document details. The admin can also read the document that the driver or store uploaded.

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Workflow of White-Label Multi Delivery App

The white-label food ordering system developed by us provides our valued customers with a variety of templates to choose from. Check out some of them below

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Take a Look at The On-Demand App Development Process To Grow Your Business


Idea Validation and Market Research

First, we need to look at the customer's usage pattern and try to convert that pattern into a source to show the customer as many app suggestions as possible on demand. The shopping experience in your all-in-one on-demand app should be as close to an actual visit to your store as you would expect.


Wireframing and Prototyping

After idea validation and market research, we will construct a wireframe and prototype before moving on to programming and design, so you can see how your app will appear and function after you and your users begin using it. At this point, you can suggest saving time and money, you can propose adjustments.

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This is the stage where your application takes shape. You may utilize this location to capture the essence of your business and use it to make your mobile application come to life, whether you need to supply organic vegetables and organic products, milk products, meat products, or poultry products.



Once the model is ready, we will test the on-demand mobile app based on the number of customers who can use it. Our developers will help you troubleshoot or detect errors.


Deployment and Launching

The application will be sent to the App Store in its final form. If you want your app to work on both Android and iOS, it will be submitted to both Google Play and the Apple App Store.


User Adoption

That's all. You can install it and configure your store with it. You can ask your users to install it on their mobile phones after downloading it, so they can place orders right away.

Why App Clone for a White-Label Multi-Delivery App Solution?

100% Customization

100% Customization

The on-demand white-label delivery app is fully customizable. Tailor it to your brand and the specific needs of your business.

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Robust & Scalable Solution

With our fully customizable approach, you benefit from a flexible, scalable solution that meets your growing needs.

Versatile and Cost-Effective

Versatile and Cost-Effective

Our robust technologies will be customized to your specific, on-demand business needs, providing a genuinely exciting encounter.

Customer Support

Customer Support

You get expert support every day and a dedicated documentation administrator to promptly address all your issues.


Incredible Analytics

Learn continuous new things of knowledge and create deal reports that help you grow your on-demand business.


Creative Developers

Our experts are constantly developing creative ideas. They follow trends closely to develop a modern environment.

Technologies We Used!

We build each app with adaptable features using cutting-edge technology to maintain its quality and performance.


Our Other Products List

We Develop White-Label App for Any Type of Business, Including Delivery Apps, Handyman Service App, Salon and Hotel Booking Scripts.

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The most frequently asked questions about our white-label delivery app are answered here.

Find the answers you need

The White Label Delivery Solution is a pre-built application that contains all the modules you need to start your online delivery business. We will change your app branding according to your business needs of logo, color, and brand name.

Yes, we adapt the application to the needs of your business. It can still be customized even after launch.

Nowadays, people want to have all their products and services in one place. An online multi-delivery app offers customers the convenience and ability to get everything they need. This allows entrepreneurs to serve a wide range of target groups.

Customers can browse products, add them to their cart, and place orders. The store owner receives the order; they prepare it for delivery. The driver orders using a map and navigation. Customers and store owners can track their orders in real time until delivery.

The cost of developing an on-demand delivery app can vary widely based on several factors. This includes the complexity of the app, features, design, pricing of the development team, and location. It is very important to consult our development experts to get an accurate quote tailored to your specific needs.

Of course, we always keep our promises. So you get an on-demand delivery app similar to the demo app.

Developing an on-demand app requires a lot of effort. Unlike other applications, on-demand delivery applications require a strong presence on delivery networks. Competition is fierce in the on-demand app market, and customers always expect perfect delivery and optimal services.

We integrate all the necessary features to start your delivery business for any product you want to deliver. Includes delivery assistance:

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